Sunday, May 31, 2009

OFF to Euphoria by MOS

Hell yeahhh!!
Final exam is finally over and I'm enjoying my break at my hometown now..
Woohoo!!I'm finally freed from the sufferings..Although I didn't really study that hard during this final exam..><" Guess what? My last paper was on Saturday which was the Ethics and Professional Conducts and I went to Euphoria on thursday night!!Lol..Don't tell daddy and mummy ok?Hahaha..
No choice lar..My besties all finished their exam on thursday already and all of them would be back by Saturday..And since my subject on saturday was TEP and it doesn't require as much study as other subject..I just joined them lorr..What a friend right?A friend in need is a friend indeed mar..In need when clubbing?Lol..Anyway here are the shots we had taken:

Had our dinner at McD before going to Sunway

Reached there around 10pm

Early birds

Ehh kawan, you think this is your house ar?



Trying to act like Caprice =_="

Poser..I mean the one beside me..LOL!


Me looking "innocent" lol

Bro, this beer is not free flow 1 lar..



Planned to come here for drinks only at first, but ended up on the dance floor =X


Me:" Oi, bukan cakap takda buka flash?!"

Irene and Me

Phoebe and Zeck

4 of us
And the last pic goes to this..Skip this if you're under 18

Met a guy who kept complaining that he was hot and showing his d*ck around..Crazy!!

P/S: I ain't GAY!!Don't misundertand that I'm one!!The last pic was just taken for FUN okay..LOL!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Highlights of My Uni Life at Cyberjaya (Part 3)

Part 3 Part 3 Part 3...
Okay this one is on my birthday this year..
And yeahh it's my 19th birthday..
2009 - 1990 = 19
Am I right Simon?Hahahahaha..
Thanks to Yao and Linnet who came down from Melaka that day to gather with us during my BIG day..
Unlike "someone" who ffk-ed me and said that he was at Bukit Jalil there with Fatty and would meet us at night or what..Didn't even get any news from him since then and he didn't even pick up my call when I called him..What a friend right?
Hahahahaa..Yeahh I'm going to mention his big name here and he was one of my besties during foundation..Mr. Lua Min Sheng he is!!A big round of applause for the ffk-er!!Hohohoho..=D

Again, gathered at Simon's place then headed to Kajang for the well known satay at Samuri..
Yuumm yummmm!Here are some of the pics taken:
P/S: Forgot to mention earlier that this is a birthday celebration without even a slice of cake..poor me :'(

Acting cute *blush
Simon:"F...cker, leave satay ayam for me only..Rusa and Arnab one all habis already.."

Me and Zues

Pang is always ready to be taken pic of

Next destination, Beach Cafe:
I've already mentioned earlier..See, he is always ready..
Yao:"Wow gillerr sexy Amoi dalam TV!!"

Serious one

Funky one

Special drinks for the birthday boy from Beach Cafe

Me:"Oi, mine lar Zues!"

Taaa-daaa! =.="

And the picture of the day goes to this..LOL
korek-ed from internet..reminds me of..errheemmm*
Really stressed out these few days..
Exam exam exam..
Dat's why now only I update my blog..
Another paper coming on monday, which is tomorrow at 2.30pm..
Hopefully I can really do well in this paper..
SEF here I go!!
Wish me luck people :D

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Highlights of My Uni Life at Cyberjaya (Part 2)

Okay Part 2 finally..
My final exam is just 2 days apart and I still have the mood to blog now..
Hmm..Perhaps blogging is one of the ways to give you motivations to study?
Because I can only concentrate on my studies every time after I have posted something new in my blog..
Weird huh?=_="

This Part 2 is mainly about the visit from our Melaka friends who came all the way down to Cyberjaya for the new year celebration and countdown..
I can still remember that they came down to Cyberjaya that day early in the morning around 3am and reached here around 4.30am..
Then we gathered at Simon's place and chit chat while Zues was sleeping so tightly that he didn't answer our call when we called him..
After that, we went to SK mamak for breakfast around 7.30am and YEAHH, Zues was still in bed and didn't follow us..
After breakfast we went back to the same place and started planning for the new year countdown..Finally we made up our mind to go to Sunway Lagoon as some of us have not gone there before..

I think I shall let the pics to "talk" more now :D

Putting our things into the locker once we reached there
FUHHH!!Macho gilerrr lol..

Kevin warming up by showing off his nipple and me touching his 'six pack'? *_*

Minsheng says:"Ride me like a poney!" =.="

JUMP baby JUMP!!

I love this pic so much!

Dare to dare?
Damn, Simon told me that it's just like the Genting's one but he didn't take the ride though..
I was wondering and now I know why

"Tetek" kena gigit?

Time to go!!
Goodbye Sunway Lagoon~:(

Next, we headed to Carl's Jr for dinner:
Kevin says:"Bodoh lar!1 set mana cukup 4 me?"

On the other hand..
Pang is already in his "dreamland"..

Minutes before 2009..Look at the crowd

Happy new year 2009!
(It's 17th of May now though ><")
It's 5 mins to 5am now..
Better get some study before I go to bed..
Wish me luck!!
Goodnight :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Highlights of My Uni Life at Cyberjaya (Part 1)

I'm back..
Lol sounds like I've been missing in action for a looooong time huh.. xD
Just only came back from McD for so called 'group study'..
I did study seriously..For a few pages?lmao..

hmm hmm..
alright, I shall talk about this post now..
a very outdated post here..haha
because this trip to Langkawi was early this year and now only I post about it..

Ok I know that most of the blog readers prefer seeing pics rather than reading the post..
so let us just have a look at some of the shots we took during the trip =D

Breakfast before heading to P.Langkawi

Before boarding the ferry

Paradise for cigarettes and alcohol addicts :D

Look at the price!!Even softdrinks are more expensive than beers here x)

Need a ride?:P

Girls will definitely like this *winks

Zues, Linnet and Me with our pick of the day

*Shanghai lang vs Ang mo lang?=.="

Wuzzzzup?(ignore the graphic on my t-shirt)Lol..

Me, Zues and Linnet

*If I own one of them..wondering*

The KFC here should serve beers as drinks instead of Pepsi :P

Cheers :)

Last pic of the post..Goodnight x)

Dat's all for Part 1..
Part 2 coming up..
Stay tuned :P