Monday, August 31, 2009

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan

Hooray!Malaysia is officially 52 years old now :DD It was our national day yesterday and I could see the smiles on every faces of Malaysians because..
Ada holiday mar..Mestilah happy LOL :)
My family came over on saturday and we went to a few places for jalan-jalan cari makan..Yeah!Enough of Maggie Mee I've had at Cyberjaya..hohoho xD
1st station: Hong Kong Food Culture at Lowyat Plaza
Recommended by 'Ho chiak!'
Served with ginseng tea
But ended up drinking this LOL
pahit gilerr the ginseng tea!
Finally..the famous "pun choi"
double thumbs up for this..seriously damn nice!
Next day, headed to Serdang Duck Wang restaurant for lunch (:
the dishes we ordered
the well-known roasted duck
Off to Bukit Tinggi after lunch
French Village
Spotted this LMAO
Note: It's Euphorbia, not Euphoria :P
Me (:
Nice view huh
Japanese Village
Japanese Village 2
Ikan di laut, assam di darat..
Went back to French Village after that to yumcha before going back
My all time favourite, caffe Latte :)
Headed to 1Utama for dinner @ Tokyo.g
Sorry for the poor quality of the pic, accidentally used the wrong mode >_<"

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Murderer Premiere Screening

Woohoo!Got to watch the premiere screening of Murderer at cineleisure @ the Curve 2 days before it's officially on screen..Thanks to Adele for the ticket :D Let me give a short synopsis of the movie..Ling Kwong (Aaron Kwok) is a Chief Inspector of Police who's very skillful in solving murder cases and he's soon to be promoted..His life takes an U-turn when he wakes up after fainting in a bulding as he suffers short term memory damaged and is more shocked to find his colleague killed in the same building with an electric hand drill..He then discovers his colleague is killed by a serial killer and decides to avenge his death..But as Ling sift through the clues of the serial murders, he finds that all the evidences are pointing toward him as the murderer..At this time, Ling's short term memory continues to desert him..The main question now is...Is Ling Kwong himself the murderer?Well..A lot of people have been saying that this movie is like the chinese version of Orphan but I couldn't agree on that as I have not watched Orphan yet and I am desperately looking forward to watching it..Anyone? :P
Movie Rating: 6/10
Starring Aaron Kwok and Chun-ning Chang
Royal Selangor 'Giant Mug Shot' Take 1
Royal Selangor 'Giant Mug Shot' Take 2
Fellow Nuffnangers
Zues, Ning and Me
Tian Chad, Zues and Me
Me, Jacquelyn, Zues and Tian Chad
Spot me Take 1
Spot me Take 2
Ning and Zues + me as the 3rd party LOL
Adele the BIG bully!
Revenge of The Fallen xD
Group pic
4-1+2 Gang with Ning replacing Tzia as she's MIA :D
-1 :(
you're DEAD
spotted this before we got back (:
@ the pic of the day: wth are you doing Zeck?LMAO

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Combo outings: Avatar 3D Preview + Dengkil chicken rice

Ok..First and foremost, thanks to Zues for offering me the pass to the 3D Preview of Avatar..For the first time we had our outing in the morning and departed from Cyberjaya to GSC of Midvalley around 10.30am..Usually we are just about to sleep at that :D The preview started at 11.30am and we just reached there on time..Somehow we went in late to the cinema and we didn't know that the preview was just 20 minutes long..The feeling was like "LOL" after the preview ended as we didn't expect it to end so soon..hahhaha!Ok about the movie, it's quite interesting and it will be on screen on 18th of December 2009!FYI,it's actually directed by the director of Titanic, James Cameron..Sounds cool huh?Let us just wait for the day to come shall we? ;D

Avatar by James Cameron
Adele, Zues, Tzia
Adele, Zeck, Me, Tzia
Adele and Tzia
Went for breakfast with fellow bloggers after the preview and had some fun time chit chatting ^^
I wonder what I was doing
The gang
The next morning, we went for Dengkil chicken rice with Adele and Tzia..Picked them up at Sunway around 5am and reached Dengkil at 5.35am sharp!Although that was their first time to be there, someone was more excited than they did and guess who was that?YESSSS!You got it..No doubt Zues was the happiest one among all of us as he got the chance to meet with his dearest Kak Minah..MUAAHAHA!Wondering who's Kak Minah?Just pay Dengkil chicken rice a visit then u will know who's mysterious lady..hohohoho x) And on that very moment, a new gang called (4-1+2) was established ;D
Tzia: Wow!Is this a coconut tree?
Adele: Ni hen lame ah ni!
Some random pic
Chicken rice and the side dishes we ordered
Time to go!
Group pic before we left =)
Adele looks so cute in this pic ;P