Monday, August 31, 2009

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan

Hooray!Malaysia is officially 52 years old now :DD It was our national day yesterday and I could see the smiles on every faces of Malaysians because..
Ada holiday mar..Mestilah happy LOL :)
My family came over on saturday and we went to a few places for jalan-jalan cari makan..Yeah!Enough of Maggie Mee I've had at Cyberjaya..hohoho xD
1st station: Hong Kong Food Culture at Lowyat Plaza
Recommended by 'Ho chiak!'
Served with ginseng tea
But ended up drinking this LOL
pahit gilerr the ginseng tea!
Finally..the famous "pun choi"
double thumbs up for this..seriously damn nice!
Next day, headed to Serdang Duck Wang restaurant for lunch (:
the dishes we ordered
the well-known roasted duck
Off to Bukit Tinggi after lunch
French Village
Spotted this LMAO
Note: It's Euphorbia, not Euphoria :P
Me (:
Nice view huh
Japanese Village
Japanese Village 2
Ikan di laut, assam di darat..
Went back to French Village after that to yumcha before going back
My all time favourite, caffe Latte :)
Headed to 1Utama for dinner @ Tokyo.g
Sorry for the poor quality of the pic, accidentally used the wrong mode >_<"